Age 121 Speaks Out On Successfully Navigating a Career Switch

Age 121 Speaks Out On Successfully Navigating a Career Switch

Age 121 knows that making a career change can feel daunting. An individual who has spent a number of years in a particular field may question whether they even have the ability to succeed in another industry. However, enjoying your job is an important part of your satisfaction with your life, so making the switch […]

How to Keep Young Children Out of Danger

How to Keep Young Children Out of Danger

Becoming a caretaker, whether as a teacher, a nanny, or a grandparent, is a major responsibility. Young children are completely dependent on adults when it comes to bathing, food, entertainment, and protection. In order to ensure that the children you’re watching remain safe and content at all times, keep these tips in mind: Plan age-appropriate […]

How to Work Effectively as a Receptionist

How to Work Effectively as a Receptionist

The professionals at Age 121 explain that a receptionist essentially becomes the face of a company or a medical practice. Since they’re the first person that visitors see upon entering the building, it is important that they provide a pleasant and welcoming first impression. Success as a receptionist requires the ability to multi-task and treat […]

  • Age 121 Speaks Out On Successfully Navigating a Career Switch
  • How to Keep Young Children Out of Danger
  • How to Work Effectively as a Receptionist

Age 121: Providing Training and Professional Development Courses

Age121Age 121 is a training and recruitment company that offers courses for professional development, compliancy, and legality. The classes are specifically created for employees from a wide range of industries; they also prove useful for new hires who are looking to become better informed about protocols and regulations within their industry and new company.

The group covers subjects that apply to nearly every type of field, helping professionals in nearly all types of work to find career advancement. The team is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that it is always possible to get in touch with a representative from the firm. The group values customer care tremendously, and treats all clients with compassion and positivity.

Why choose Age 121?

Clients who work with this organization boast a 99 percent pass rate when it comes to courses and quizzes. The professionals within the business make sure that this happens by customizing a training program to meet that particular employee’s needs. If it’s clear that the individual is struggling with a specific area of the coursework, the team alters their educational plan in order to properly address these issues and ensure that individual finds success.

Created in 2009, the program features consultants who have put together over 5,000 training programs in the last year alone in the United Kingdom. They have worked with major brands such as Swiss Smile Dental Clinics, Unilever, James Hull, NHS, and others. The team knows that each business they work with has different compliance needs. They also have unique material that their employees and new hires must understand. In order to create the perfect program for that particular brand, a representative from Age 121 goes through a serious of phone calls with the client to ensure that all goals and areas of focus are attended to. They also carefully set up training and recruitment programs, thus taking that burden off of the busy client.

The organization is based in London, and values playing an active role in the community. They frequently provide educational opportunities for adults and children in the area. In 2009, representatives from the group began teaching a MINI Skills First Aid training class to children ages six and older. They also offer training for schools located in the borough of Waltham Forest. Though this was not a mandatory learning requirement at the time, it helped to enhance the children’s overall educational experience.

The company’s ultimate goal is to ensure that all children within the United Kingdom are able to understand how to use phone emergency services to tackle any crises that they may encounter. This knowledge helps to keep the boy or girl and his or her family safe at all times. The employees of Age 121 have earned a positive reputation within the medical community for their first aid courses and other work. Business owners understand that the group provides reliable, up-to-date training and recruitment services.

Age 121: Offering Courses in First Aid and More

Age 121 offers a range of useful courses for professionals looking to enhance their knowledge base. From employee relations to receptionist skills and first aid, it is possible to become more informed about any number of subjects thanks to this organization. Some of the group’s most popular classes include:

Dental receptionist training

This program is designed for an individual who is hoping to gain knowledge about how a dental practice is managed, as well as the day-to-day operations of this type of firm. Upon completing the course, the individual will have a strong understanding about what it takes to become an effective receptionist, thus helping the practice to retain patients and run smoothly. Some of the subjects covered in the coursework include:

  • The job description of a receptionist
  • Salary expectations and career prospects
  • Administrative duties
  • Record keeping
  • Reminding patients about upcoming appointments
  • Processing payments
  • Dealing with missed appointments
  • Organizing patients’ medical records

Those who enroll in the program will also learn important terminology that they will use on a daily basis when they become employed as a dental receptionist. The course goes for a full day.

Baby and toddler first aid

For parents, babysitters, grandparents, nannies, foster parents, teachers, and others who care for children on a daily basis, knowing first aid is a must in order to protect young kids and babies. The course teaches participants a number of life-saving techniques that allow an individual to successfully cope with a medical crisis in newborns through 12-year-olds.  Some of the skills covered in the class include:

  • Understanding the objects included in a first aid kid
  • Dealing with a child who has become unconscious
  • Getting help
  • Understanding the signs of choking and handling this situation
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (mouth to mouth)
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Allergic reactions

At the end of the class, participants are able to ask questions, thus getting answers to any lingering concerns that they may have. The course lasts for a full day and provides a certificate that is valid for one year.

Personal assistant training

For those who hope to become a well-qualified and dependable personal assistant, this is an important course to take. Individuals will learn some of the daily duties of a personal assistant, while beginning to understand the skills and knowledge necessary to find success in this field. Working in small groups and pairs, students get to exercise the material they have learned in a hands-on way. Subject matter involved in this course includes:

  • Understanding the role of a personal assistant
  • Attributes and knowledge base of a skilled personal assistant
  • Developing career prospects
  • Bolstering self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Learning how to partner effectively with your boss
  • Handling difficult situations, either in-person or on the phone
  • Managing time effectively
  • Keeping your boss’s schedule well balanced
  • Filing
  • Organizing meetings
  • Stress management

This two-day course certifies a person for life, thus preparing them for success as a personal assistant.

Age 121 is a London-based company that provides courses in professional development, compliancy, and legality for employees and employers from a wide range of industries. Using these classes, participants develop skills that will set them up for a successful career. From first aid to understanding how to become an effective dental receptionist or personal assistant, an individual who is looking to expand their knowledge and sharpen their skills will benefit greatly from these classes.  The classes at Age 121 also allow a new hire to ensure that they are caught up on all protocols and regulations within their industry and their company, ensuring success as an employee of that organization.

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Amazing - AGE121

Nov 25, 2013 by Lauren

I would like to recommend AGE121 Recruitment. I had a great experience and most importantly I am now working after being out of work for almost 2 years. Check their website out it gives you a lot of advice on your CV and interview tips.

Thank You AGE 121

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Oct 29, 2013 by Karman

Check out AGE121 Recruitment WordPress:

Keep up the good work

age121 excellent job

Oct 29, 2013 by fastandfurious

AGE121 review

Pleased with the service I received. Had all training so I didnt have to quite go through any of that, but they found me work, and did what I expected of any agency. Took approx. 3 weeks to secure my job. Is perm and im paid quite well indeed.

Thank you AGE121

AGE121 Blog Spot - Check it out

Oct 29, 2013 by Beni

Check AGE121 Blog spot out. It is really good.

Thank you AGE121

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Oct 29, 2013 by mr. luther

AGE121 Recruitment Review -

Not a bad service if you ask me. Work is there. Jobs are alright paid. Training is efficient. Cant go wrong. A very solid company. Work for physio and carer especially in abundance. Love the receptionist training.

Impressive AGE 121

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Oct 29, 2013 by Mark

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Thank you for all your help too

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Oct 29, 2013 by Dolly

Got me off Job Seekers after 2 years, i am now working as a Dental Receptionist. Thank you

AGE121 Recruitment - - Review

Oct 29, 2013 by Ricky

AGE121 Recruitment - - Review

This company is doing very good work. They have helped me by training me, helping me with interviews and now im working.

AGE121 Recruitment - - Review

AGE121 Recruitment Review -

Oct 29, 2013 by Alex

Love you guys at AGE121 -

Review - AGE121 -

Oct 29, 2013 by Manish

Great time training with AGE121, thank you for all your help

5.0 5.0 1 1 Thank you AGE121 - had a great time training and now WORKING wooooo Age 121: Providing Training and Professional Development Courses